Westgroup Designs


Irvine, CA


Midsized Employer (40-50 Employees)

Type of Work

Architecture & Design

We were referred in to this architecture and design organization based on our proven problem solving and website programming skills. After resolving specific issues, we were hired to build out a new platform incorporating state of the art tools and technology.

Headquarters Meeting with Senior Leadership

We visited this client’s physical location. The time onsite gave us an opportunity to ask questions and to discuss options.

Collaboration with Internal Design Team

We worked closely with their design team which provided they layout they wanted us to develop. The site employs eye catching approaches and many graphics to illustrate the work that they have done.

Affinity provided the following services in building the website for this organization.

Website Design and Programming

Utilizing our years of website design and programming experience we built a new site for this client.

Designed for Easy Client Updates

We built the site to be easy for the client to update.

Ongoing Complex Updates

As new needs come up, we continue to assist with making the required website updates.

Enhancing Website Speed

We significantly improved the speed with which mobile and desktop devices could access the website. Since the majority of traffic is received from smartphones, this increased speed is essential for organic SEO.

Migration of Website to Client Host

After building the website on our servers, we migrated it to the client’s host platform.

Working alongside Client IT Team

This project required our team to work alongside their IT team. Our background with a wide spectrum of IT services and computer programming allowed us to communicate clearly about what needed to be done. Speaking and understanding the same “tech language” is so important.

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