Self Discovery Therapy


Orange County, California


Sole Proprietor

Type of Work

Health Care

This family counselor’s website had not been updated for a number of years. Affinity provided the following services to assist with making the Self Discovery Therapy website current.

Selection of Website Theme

We had the client review several new site layout designs to choose what their new site would look like.

Content Writing

We went over the existing wording and updated services to reflect those that are currently being provided.

Updated Headshot

This client’s headshot was updated by photographer who works closely with us through her Huntington Beach studio.

Logo Development

Building on our client’s stated vision, we created a new logo for the site which is now prominently featured.

Website Design and Programming

Utilizing our years of website design and programming experience we built a new site for this client.

Migration of Website Domain Name

We migrated the existing domain name to the Affinity servers.

Website Hosting

The site was set up on the Affinity servers.

Ongoing Updates

From time to time we have updated the website.

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