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4 Tips to Improve Your Time Management

Everyone has an issue with time management. If you think you don’t, then you are lying to yourself. However, there are ways to improve your time management and get more done in a day leaving you feeling productive! The purpose of this blog is to share just a few strategies that I have found work for me, and might work for you. If you have any insight into this topic, please write a comment below or email us at with your tips! Set the subject to “Time Management”.


  1. Write down your daily goals

Everyday I wake up in the morning I start off the day by writing down my goals on paper. Grab your morning coffee, watch the sun rise outside on your porch and write down your goals. I have a journal that I use and write my goals using a pen. This might seem like a pretty primitive approach to some people, but I’ve found it really really works for me. Something about writing it down by hand helps me remember my goals and take more pride in making sure the job gets done. Separate your notebook/journal/ledger so that you have your short term goals (goals for that day/week/month) on the left and then on the right jot down all of your long term goals and dreams. If you don’t like writing it on paper, type it into your computer or phone.


2. Segment your day into 30-60 minute intervals

People tend to set too many tasks for themselves everyday and have no strategy on how to complete those tasks. Therefore, at the end of the day when they look back at their progress it just looks like one big blur. What I do is segment my daily goals in 30-60 minute intervals throughout the day. This act happens right after jotting down my goals for the day because I find that is when I am the most motivated to get stuff done. By separating your day in these short intervals, I find I get a lot of work done and am way more productive than just having a big list of things with no plan. For example, I scheduled out 30 minutes today to write this blog. You can use the time to call on clients, check emails or even post on social media.


3. Visual representation of your accomplishments

This step is very important. How can you measure your success and productivity for the day without some sort of visual representation? I created a pie chart once to segment my day into tasks and then crossed them off as I went. If you forget this step your screwed. I’ve met people who use whiteboards to draw out their tasks for the day or create excel reports/charts to give a perfect depiction of their daily accomplishments.


4. Take breaks

I know this last one seems kind of silly, but I swear it works. I find it very difficult to stay productive for 10 hours straight in the day (yes I said 10 because you should strive to be above average). Taking short coffee breaks or taking a walk will help you clear your mind. Take time to take care of your mind and body because it will help you stay more focused and energized during work!


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