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Be the Russell Westbrook of your Company

Even if you don’t follow the NBA, you’ve probably heard how Russell Westbrook has been putting up crazy statistics this season. This professional athlete sets a new record what seems like every night. Westbrook isn’t only leading his team in points, he’s leading his team in rebounds, and assists as well. The reason he puts up such insane numbers is because he has tremendous levels of energy, and is the hardest worker on the court. If you want to be the Russell Westbrook of your company, you need to commit to being the hardest working member of your team. Constantly learning new strategies, putting in the extra hours, have insane levels of energy, and dominate your competition.

Westbrook’s keys to success that can translate into professional necessities:

  1. Be fearless:

Russel Westbrook does what other guards his size are too afraid to do. He attacks the basket like it’s no one’s business, dunks over forwards, and out rebounds centers. He puts his body in harms way each and every night in order to win. The guy is fearless. If you want to be successful, you have to be willing to do what others won’t. If you work for a marketing firm, maybe that’s coming up with new strategies that haven’t been done before. If you’re in sales, it could be targeting a new territory others claim is “too difficult”. You have to be willing to take risks, and maybe even fail along the way.

       2. Show up Early

Westbrook shows up to everything on time or early. Never late. During a recent interview he talked about how he usually shows up to practice 2-3 hours early. Well before the rest of his teammates. His General Manager Sam Presti even likes to tell the story of when he showed up to a pre-draft workout 30 minutes early to find Westbrook waiting in his car for the gym to open. If you take a look at the top performers in your company, I guarantee most of them (if not all of them) are showing up to the office early, and leaving late on most days. Maybe they even show up on Saturdays when everyone else is messing around with friends! The point is you have to be wiling to go the extra mile to be successful. It could be as simple as adding an extra hour or two each day to your workflow. I promise you it’ll payoff in the end when you are producing twice as much as before.

      3. Take the most attempts

Some people have claimed that Westbrook shots too much, but I would argue it’s absolutely necessary for him to put up a lot of shots every game to win. Westbrook currently is averaging over 30 points a game, which leads the NBA. He also averages the most field goal attempts amongst all guards in the league. Do you think there could be a correlation there…? Yes. Yes there is. In order, to dominate your competition, you have to put up insane numbers on a daily basis. Whether it’s phone calls, emails, appointments, blogs, etc. you need to produce larger numbers than you competition. For example, if you are in sales you know that conversion rates on leads are always going to be low. You will never convert every lead in your funnel. It will not happen. But if you commit yourself to taking the most attempts amongst everyone in your organization, I promise you will get better and better. Someone smarter than me once said “you miss every opportunity you don’t take.”

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