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How to Present New Ideas to Your Team Members



Have you ever had a great idea that you know could benefit your business, but didn’t want to get turned down from your team members? Trust me, we’ve all been there but you should never be afraid to share your ideas and opinions. If your team truly cares about you, they’ll respect your ideas and input. However, it is absolutely crucial that you present your ideas in a professional, impactful way.


I’d highly recommend you go all out. Schedule a time with your team to show them what you’ve been thinking of and spending time strategizing on. Schedule a meeting and put together a formal presentation. For example, build a powerpoint with pictures, graphs, videos, case studies, etc. The more time you put into it, the more your team will get out of it. Just the other day, I put together a powerpoint for my business partners here at Affinity MWS to go over our vision as a company and the strategies I believe will help us achieve our vision. Overall, I think they really enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot from it. Also I left an impression that I’m sincere and I’ve put a lot a thought into my ideas. If I was too afraid to share my ideas in the first place or didn’t take the time to present my ideas in a thoughtful way, the message might have been lost. They might have forgot all about it by now! On the other hand, my team and I are actively pursuing my strategies to this day.


Remember…sell or be sold. If you don’t sell your partners on your ideas and instead let them sell you on why not to pursue your vision, you will never accomplish your goals for the business. Make sure to put energy and enthusiasm behind your message. You need to convince your partners that the strategy you’ve put in place needs to happen. It is the best course of action and will help propel your company forward.


Connor Duff

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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