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Business Tip – How do you hire the right person?


The most powerful way to grow your business is to hire the right people. You need more people in your company. The more people you have working for one cause, the more productive your company will be. I mean think about it…would you rather have 1 person putting in 8 hours a day or 10 people putting in 8 hours a day? It’s a no-brainer, right? Affinity is a small operation right now. We have 3 guys doing all the work. We’ve grown to a point where we know we need more people helping with development, sales, marketing and other areas. Therefore, we’ve started interviewing potential employees. Here is what you need to do before, during and after the recruitment process:


Setting expectations:

Meet with your team and establish what characteristics you are looking for in a new candidate. What position are you looking to hire in? What responsibilities will they have? Who will they report to? I can’t stress the importance of having everybody on your team onboard with what you are looking for in an ideal candidate.


Draft up a few questions:

It’s important to have a few questions ready to go for the interview. However, as you get to know the candidate, your conversation might get off script and that’s okay. It’s important for you to control the interview, but allow for some creativity on both ends.


Give the candidate some homework:

I bet you this one is new to you. Give the candidate homework? What? I promise you, by asking the candidate to do something for you after the interview and before your next meeting, you will weed out the bad-fits and identify the ideal candidates. Why? Because the ones that follow up with you and actually complete the assignment are the dedicated ones. You want them in your organization.


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