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Graphic Design Inspiration – Feb. 2017

This will be the first of my series of graphic design and marketing inspiration posts. I intend to share marketing material and designs that I find visually appealing and highlighting certain aspects of each I admire. Hope you enjoy! Here it goes…

Sports Illustrated - All American Pharoah

As soon as I stumbled across this print I was captivated by it’s action. Action encompasses the composition and draws the viewer (or at least myself) to the center. What is this issue of Sports Illustrated all about? The tracks, and good old spectator enthusiasm! As an aside, f*** Draft Kings. Not actually, they have a great marketing campaign, but I feel beat senseless watching their barrage of ads while watching sports. Woe is me, thats my industry! I digress…

Alena Aenami - Streetlights

Next up, a design style I can’t get over. It’s simple, yet carries so much emotion.. Especially when a dynamic color palette is applied. I’m not quite sure what technical art term would be used to describe this style, but simply put it’s the Grand Theft Auto V loading screen style. I dig it. This particular artist, Alena Aenami truly does amazing work!

Modern Desktop Wallpaper

This one’s pretty abstract, however it’s now my new desktop wallpaper and I thought I might share. Shout out to redditor dchen05 for this creative graphic design work and inspiration. I might take a crack at creating something similar myself.

Affinity Marketing & Web Solutions T-Shirt

And on that note, this last bit of work is my own. Might get it printed on some Affinity t-shirts for the team, but otherwise it was fun to create and share!


That’s all folks! Until next time, have a fantastic time!

– Andrew William Exton

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  1. Ounstatding post but I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Thank you!

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