CLIENT: Gayle Dawn Photography

Gayle Dawn Photography was in need of a site that could captivate it’s visitors on first glance. We utilized a highly dynamic and responsive image grid to display her portraits and landscape photography. Each individual box encompasses a new client highlighting her professionalism and friendliness. When Affinity helped Gayle get connected on Facebook and pushed her to explore new marketing techniques that incorporated her new website, her business started to boom. She utilizes Facebook to schedule many appointments and to take inquiry’s, so linking to galleries on her site has proven to be a huge marketing success. Gayle Dawn Photography continues to rely on Affinity Market & Web Solutions to add additional content and to maintain the site performance in addition to repairing wordpress vulnerabilities that appear over time.

Quote from Gayle – “Thank you so much for helping my business grow, boys! I was a little skeptical at first to see two college students trying to sell me something for ‘marketing purposes,’ but after I saw the professional portfolio you had put together, I was blown away. Thanks for being so reliable and quick.. you really got my business off the ground…”