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Arguably the most important step before starting or at the early stages of a new business is to define your company vision. Make sure all of your business partners are all on the same page. Plan a meeting with all of your equity partners to discuss what each person’s vision is for the business. Take notes and highlight comments that are the same or similar from one person to another. As a group, establish a clear direction that everyone can agree on. Affinity MWS wants to be the go-to company for marketing. We want local businesses and entrepreneurs to come to us with digital marketing needs. That way when establishing goals and strategies short term, you can always go back and see if they are aligned with the company vision. Goals and strategies can change on a daily basis, but a vision is long-term and may never be accomplished. It is the purpose of the company and will keep you motivated everyday to do what you love.


Connor Duff

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Affinity Marketing and Web Solutions is a cutting-edge tech startup who specializes in website development, graphic design and marketing strategies. We love working with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in this world.

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