CLIENT: Cal Poly Delta Chi

The Cal Poly Delta Chi Fraternity needed an update to their site to make it more easy to post schedules and media content. Our head developer, Andrew Exton, constructed a site incorporating their fraternity colors and crest. They desired a site that was easy to use and highlighted upcoming events, but also wanted to include some form of image feed. We utilized an API connection between an instagram hashtag (#cpdeltachi) and an image wrapper included in the site footer. The site can now dynamically display images tagged with #cpdeltachi for extremely easy member updates for Delta Chi. Overall, our client was extremely satisfied with the results and continues to get the site updated by Affinity Market & Web Solutions.

Quote from Gannon DePetris, former president, “The work here done was phenomenal. My fellow brothers take great pride in their new website and I would like to extend a formal thank you on their behalf.”