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Affinity’s New Wave

Affinity Marketing and Web Solutions, LLC is proud to announce what we would like to call our, “New Wave”. Since our foundation, this company has relied on the vast expanse of open source software available for the development community’s benefit and advancement.

Let’s face it, the internet as we know it today wouldn’t exist without open source. The PHP rendering these web pages is Licensed under the PHP 3.01 License. Our CMS of choice, WordPress, is an open source framework built upon other open source projects.

Seeking to adopt a more robust deployment stack for our web server, we stumbled upon Trellis. Trellis, combined with Bedrock, another project, has advanced our deployment strategy tremendously.

Trellis forces our production and staging deployments to be committed to our GitHub Organization Repository, at which point we can then push the changes to staging and production environments. Trellis utilizes VirtualBox and Vagrant to reproduce nearly an identical environment on our local development systems. The result, seamless deployments with minimal downtime, and backups of all code commits from our development team. How cool is that?

Bedrock manages our WordPress Directory Organization and Integrates Composer, for WordPress Dependency Management. Thanks WPackagist!!!

The culmination of these widely varying tools and frameworks, and its constantly increasing showcase are what make Software Development so exciting, there’s always something new learn and tinker with that allow us to construct. That’s why we feel obliged to give back.

With our Client’s permission, OF COURSE, the projects we work on will be contributed to our public open source repositories. So dive in and learn if you’d like!

If you’d like a further resource to dive into this particular website deployment stack with Trellis and Bedrock, This Article, by Jason Lengstorf, is an awesome reference. Thanks Jason!


Hope you enjoyed this write up!



The Affinity Marketing & Web Solutions Team

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